A Sort of American Thanksgiving in Daegu

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At this point, I feel like I can call this blog my South Korean Travel Journal! 😉

Today, I took a road trip to Daegu. I have never gone through so many mountain tunnels before, and it was just fascinating! Here is a little info on the city for your benefit:

Daegu Korean: [tɛɡu], 대구, 大邱, literally ‘large hill’, 대구광역시), formerly spelled Taegu[a] and officially known as the Daegu Metropolitan City, is a city in South Korea, the fourth-largest after Seoul, Busan and Incheon, the third-largest metropolitan area in the nation with over 2.5 million residents and the second-largest city in Yeongnam after Busan. (Wikipedia)

I went there to meet new friends I was introduced to in KakaoTalk (equivalent to instagram/Facebook in America) we had never seen each other but met via another expat in South Korea. The trip was challenging, but I made it there and back in one piece. 💪🏽🙌

The hosts, Peter and Kara met while teaching in China. They later married and had four children, after moving to South Korea. Peter is originally from Korea and Kara is an American. They were kind to open their home to me and another couple, Michael and Paige (American military from Texas) and their two boys to have a post Thanksgiving meal/small gathering at their apartment. We had ham, stuffing, and other typical Thanksgiving foods, good conversation and a lot of playing and laughter from six of the best behaved kids you’ll ever meet. Everyone was sweet, welcoming and kind! 🥰

I wanted to document the road trip (2 hours with heavy traffic On the way there) but since I was driving solo and needed my phone to navigate, I won’t be able to share the beautiful views on the way there. I did capture a few things I have posted.

I’ve never done anything this crazy in my life! The drive back took me 3 hours (typically 1 1/2 hour travel) because traffic was ridiculous -quite stressful! Funny though, it made me think of Atlanta traffic and I got homesick and a little bit emotional instead of upset. So, I turned on the Christmas music 🎶 and I endured!

Today, I learned that the impossible can become possible if we simply try. And I mean possible, not necessarily easy. Fear has a way of keeping us from pushing forward and trying new things, meeting new people, getting out of the familiar and into the unknown. Fear can be more crippling that an illness or difficult relationships. It’s what keeps us locked up and unable to shine.

I don’t know if I am becoming braver because of my current situation, or if I am simply digging out something that was in me all along…food for thought.

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  1. Beba I believe it was there all along. You are taking the time to see the true you. You can do more than you can think of. In this trip God is showing that you can can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. Love you mi hermanita y te extraño…I am proud of you.

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