A Sunset on the Way Home

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I was driving home (well, my current home in Cleveland, GA), and was mesmerized by  the beautiful landscape.  Mountains and farm land are everywhere, and I get to soak it all in every time I drive around.  On this specific evening, I was nearing the end of an hour drive from Gwinnett county and into White county. This was the culmination of a heavy day of running errands, and attending some medical appointments.  I was exhausted and could not wait to get home.

To pass the time, I listened to my Daily Audio Bible, followed by some music selections, and prayed as I often do when I drive. I was having a heart to heart conversation with God about how overwhelmed I was feeling with all the hospital stays, cardiologist appointments, medication changes, and now dealing with getting a new-used car, and registering it, having repairs done, etc. For the past year, my husband Brian, has been by my side to help me handle things I need done, and I have deep love and appreciation for how he lovingly serves and takes care of me.  However, our current situation requires he stays abroad, while I take care of myself in the states.

It is frustrating not having him with me for this season, and sometimes I get nervous about making mistakes, and so, my conversation quickly turned into a complaint.  I was being a big baby, pouting, and whining about my current situation, when I saw it…It was a sunset that belonged in a movie, just spectacular! I had to pull over and stare at it for a while. My eyes swell up with tears…”Its so beautiful!” was all I could mutter, I was so taken aback.  I quickly took a picture, hoping it would capture what the real thing looked like, but it didn’t do it justice…pity.

I got back in my car, and continued my trek, feeling all kinds of emotions. The most prominent being a strong sense of belonging that followed me the rest of the way. The feeling that no matter how tedious my tasks, or how difficult my journey might be, there is always a beautiful and peaceful sunset welcoming me home.  Splashes of red, yellow, pink and purple painted the enormous canvas above me, and I got to witness such a site in the midst of all that is going on with me!  With the windows rolled down, I took in the  sounds of the night, while the soft wind caressed my face.  I can’t help but be reminded that my invisible passenger, who has been quietly and patiently listening to my complaining, is still here, very much invested and interested; always Present.

Be still my heart, and know that when tomorrow comes with old and new challenges, there will also be a beautiful sunset waiting with the remains of the day; a reminder to lay the worries aside, and take on peace until tomorrow becomes today.




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  1. Wow , Beba how amazing is our Lord. He puts his creating in from of your eyes to remind you as he reminded Job: Job 38:4 “Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation? Tell me, if you understand. Although there are many things we can not comprehend God will NEVER, EVER leaves us nor FORSAKE US. Love you my sister continue writing…..Te amo

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