Several years ago, I started a blog in order to share my travel adventures, and inspirational thoughts about life and spiritual growth.  Invisible Gazebo became a special place for me because I could share my personal stories while encouraging my readers, some of whom are dear friends.  Writing has become instrumental in my healing process, as events that have transpired in my life recently left me in dire need of an outlet not only for physical healing but emotional and spiritual healing as well. By the way, credits to my good friend Beth Compton for designing the Invisible Gazebo logo on this page.  Short lived but oh, so beautiful…Thank you Beth!

On December 15, 2015, while in the island of Puerto Rico with my organization, (Abante International) I suffered a heart attack, which led to the discovery of advanced Coronary Heart Disease with Acute Angina. As a result of the progression of the disease, I underwent a triple bypass surgery.  Since that surgery, I have been to several hospitals (in America and some abroad) more than 23 times in less than two years, and have had eighteen cauterizations, nine stents, a second heart attack-though mild, physical therapy and an Inter-Coronary Brachytherapy procedure.  In all honesty, sometimes I wonder how is it that I am still around.

My prognosis is simple yet complicated; there is nothing else to try because everything that can be done has been done.  In other words; I am just a heart attack away from eternity.  The cardiologists who have treated me as well as my current cardiologist have been kind, aggressive with treatment, and hopeful, although, honest about my condition and the un-likelihood of improvement.  Today, by the grace of God, I am about to celebrate the third year anniversary of my Triple Bypass, and I am still fighting, however, no longer do I fight just to survive. These days, my fight is for living a good life as long as I live.  I want my days to count for something more than the “status quo.”

In recognition of how much my life has changed since December of 2015, I decided to change the name of this blog to Chasing Life for obvious reasons.  It is a reminder to myself to continue the fight to survive as long as God allows me to, but also a reminder for all of you who read my blogposts, to never give up.  We all face challenges in life.  Some of these challenges come in the form of health issues, broken homes, addictions, difficult relationships, crisis of belief and more.

Here is a place where we can give each other encouragement, and chase after the life we are meant to live; the good, healthy and adventurous life! And so, with mixed emotions I say goodbye to my dear friend, Invisible Gazebo, and I welcome my new best friend, Chasing Life. My pursuit is simply to ‘be’ present, to ‘be’ joyful and to ‘be’ chasing life.