Hungarian Làngos

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During my last visit to Germany, I had the privilege of spending a few days with the Jakucs family.  The Jakucs are Hungarians living in Germany, who cherish and celebrate their hungarian roots, right down to their typical food.  I feel at home with this wonderful family, and they have adopted me as one of their own. On my last …

Marmalade in Germany

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There are several things I have on my bucket list, like places I want to travel to, people I would like to meet, and things I would like to do.  On my last trip to Germany, I was able to scratch one item off the list; making jam or marmalade. I had the honor of staying with my good friend …

Beauty in Simplicity

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Confucius once said, “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” Sometimes I agree with that statement and other times, I wonder if Confucius got it all wrong, I have many scars and bruises which I have sustained just from living a somewhat normal life.  Although, as I examine my experiences, I realize what I call a normal …

Making Sofrito

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Ever wondered why spanish food, particularly caribbean is so tasty? Well a lot has to do with all the herbs and seasonings used in preparing the food, but there’s also a pretty hefty amount of time spent just on food prep, and finally, the freshness of the ingredients is something that should not be ignored.

What’s Cooking?

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Ever since I can remember, there’s never been an important event in my life where food didn’t play a big part. I grew up surrounded by spices and herbs and the unequaled cooking of my amazing mother. I watched her cook, because I was not allowed to cook or be in the kitchen when she was cooking (she was ‘and still is’ extremely jealous of the kitchen). I did watch her cook, though and I learned to be creative when food was scarce, and I learned that you can never use enough garlic, and I learned that food is best eaten when is piping hot, right off the pot.