Hungarian Làngos

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During my last visit to Germany, I had the privilege of spending a few days with the Jakucs family.  The Jakucs are Hungarians living in Germany, who cherish and celebrate their hungarian roots, right down to their typical food.  I feel at home with this wonderful family, and they have adopted me as one of their own. On my last …

Marmalade in Germany

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There are several things I have on my bucket list, like places I want to travel to, people I would like to meet, and things I would like to do.  On my last trip to Germany, I was able to scratch one item off the list; making jam or marmalade. I had the honor of staying with my good friend …

Beauty in Simplicity

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Confucius once said, “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” Sometimes I agree with that statement and other times, I wonder if Confucius got it all wrong, I have many scars and bruises which I have sustained just from living a somewhat normal life.  Although, as I examine my experiences, I realize what I call a normal …

Making Sofrito

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Ever wondered why spanish food, particularly caribbean is so tasty? Well a lot has to do with all the herbs and seasonings used in preparing the food, but there’s also a pretty hefty amount of time spent just on food prep, and finally, the freshness of the ingredients is something that should not be ignored.

What’s Cooking?

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Ever since I can remember, there’s never been an important event in my life where food didn’t play a big part. I grew up surrounded by spices and herbs and the unequaled cooking of my amazing mother. I watched her cook, because I was not allowed to cook or be in the kitchen when she was cooking (she was ‘and still is’ extremely jealous of the kitchen). I did watch her cook, though and I learned to be creative when food was scarce, and I learned that you can never use enough garlic, and I learned that food is best eaten when is piping hot, right off the pot.

Southwestern Matzo Balls

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After Passover, you often find discounted kosher items in your local supermarket.  If you do not celebrate Passover or have no idea what kosher approved means, you may pass by and not give them a second look.  I used to do that until I decided to have a Passover meal at my home a few years back.  It turned out great!  Ever …