Field Notes: The Inspiration For Gukje Market

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A few weeks ago, I was able to spend some time wandering around Seoul while being introduced to several artists in the area. Though most of them were classmates of my dear artist friend, Yang Yun Jeong, others were artists who exhibit their work together at several local galleries. On this specific day, the group was having a meal to …

Field Notes: Raggedy This and Raggedy That!

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I remember as a child how much I enjoyed playing with Barbies. They were my favorite childhood toy, but I also remember hugging the “life” out of a Raggedy Ann doll I had. At one point I even dressed up as Raggedy Ann for a play at church. The one thing I found fascinating was the red hair (or red …

Field Notes: Making Perfume

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Aside from those suffering with allergies, I think most people feel special when they wear perfume or cologne. I must admit that I am one of those people. From an early age, my mother would not allow my sisters and I to leave the house without putting on perfume (and baby powder… why? No clue). Of course, at the time …

Remember The Benjamites

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Obviously sin had gone unchecked for some time, lines between wrong and right had been blurred and the fear of the Lord almost non-existent. I guess one could say, it was much like today’s society, where everything and anything goes with very little conviction.