Remember The Benjamites

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Obviously sin had gone unchecked for some time, lines between wrong and right had been blurred and the fear of the Lord almost non-existent. I guess one could say, it was much like today’s society, where everything and anything goes with very little conviction.

A Wandering Aramean Was I…

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I’ve been going through the 1 year daily audio bible via podcast. I listen to it every morning and can’t get enough of it. The hardest thing about doing your 1 year bible reading is that you have to discipline yourself to follw just the reading for each day, when what you really want to do is devour it all at once.

Old Gospel Nostalgia

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I was reminiscing today about the way Christians lived the Gospel in the old days (notice I said lived-not preached). Something was different then, and I cannot point it out. I am not sure what has changed, but something has changed.

Making Sofrito

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Ever wondered why spanish food, particularly caribbean is so tasty? Well a lot has to do with all the herbs and seasonings used in preparing the food, but there’s also a pretty hefty amount of time spent just on food prep, and finally, the freshness of the ingredients is something that should not be ignored.