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One With Nature…Reflecting

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I was never one to ask why things happened the way they did, but I often asked myself, “why am I still around?”  “What is the purpose in keeping me alive like this?”  Just honest questions because, well, it just has not been ideal.  Funny thing is that my questions are often met with a deafening silence.  One that for the most part only makes me feel more alienated and ignored.

A Visit to Donghaksa Temple

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As we got closer to the tempe, the first thing we came up to was a souvenir shop with several amulets, prayer beads, and many items made with the symbolic owls (supposed to bring good luck), dragons, and other animals.  The entire time you are there, there is an eerie hum and gong sound playing loudly…

3 Days in Ireland!

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I buckled my seat belt, and waited patiently for take off, while my mind pondered on the events of the past three days.  I left Hamburg, Germany with my husband and my team of colleagues, heading to Ireland for two weeks of ministry, service, and cross-cultural enrichment. Little did I know, my week would be cut short because of my …