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This is Caroline. Beautiful smile, right? She’s smiling because she’s drinking clean water for the first time. She used to walk three hours every day to fetch dirty water. But not anymore. Her village just got a well. Clean water will change everything for Caroline and her community. For every Caroline, there are millions more children hoping to smile like that. Almost a billion people on the planet don’t have clean water right now. Who knows how many people you will impact. This is where it begins. Start a campaign, create a group, invite your friends. Give up your birthday, climb a mountain and run a marathon. And smile. Because what you do here changes lives.
mycharity: water team.

On January 9, I’m turning 43. And this year, I’m sharing my birthday with charity: water to help bring clean drinking water to people in need. 

charity: water is also celebrating their fifth birthday, and has already helped 2 million people get access to safe water. But this year, they want to accelerate their impact by purchasing a new drilling rig and the equipment it takes to dig even more wells for villages in need.

So to help, I’m giving up my birthday gifts and asking for $43 from everyone I know. 100% of the money will fund the equipment to drill wells for people in northern Ethiopia.

That’s not all — charity: water will mount a GPS device to drilling rig we fund — so we’ll be able to follow it from village to village once the work gets under way!

Join me — each drilling rig can help bring clean water to 80 new villages each year, and help 40,000 people get clean water.  Go to the following address to contribute to my campaign:

Check out the video below:

Let’s make a difference in someone’s life.  Let us put action to our words!

My goal is $5,000 by January 9, 2012.  Will you help me make this possible? 

Thanks for your consideration and active involvement. 


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    I am so grateful to the wonderful people of Lawrenceville Church of God who stopped by my little coffee stand to support my Charity:Water campaign for the past two Sundays. God bless you all! -Beba

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