Let’s Talk About Distractions

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Some years ago I wrote a little poem about distractions.  At the time I was in the middle of a very busy and stressful schedule and felt I was going to lose my mind.  Instead of lashing out at those around me out of frustration, I put my thoughts to ink and paper. 

It’s amazing how much you can encourage your own self by simply taking a time out to organize the thoughts and emotions that could easily influence how you deal with life.  When you have order in your life, things seem to fall into place.  

I don’t claim to have a magical prescription for a stress free life, but here are my top 5 suggestions for a more stress-free daily routine:

  1. Do not neglect your Devotional time.  You can do all things through Christ and He is more than willing to help you get through everything but you need to spend time with him for guidance, direction and order in your life. I can’t think of a more peaceful time in my life than when I am at the feet of the master enjoying his presence.
  2. Work on a Personal Schedule. If you work on getting yourself on a schedule, you will find things are going to be less chaotic in your home, work and in every aspect of your life.  There are many ways to work on your schedule; calendar, day planners, cell phone (many cell phones now have calendar and organizational software you can have with you at all times, for example, the Iphone can carry all your contact information, email, internet, work software like Microsoft office, calendar, etc…), among others. I have regular family meetings with my family where I type a schedule of chores and I thoroughly go through it in order for everyone to understand what my time limitations will be at specific times and it helps keep everyone on task.
  3. Ask for help. One thing we fail to do many times is simply to ask for help. If you have older children living at home, have them help with the younger ones in order to free you up for other things that need to get done.  Train your older children to cook, wash, and do other things that are usually expected for “Super-Mom” to do.  Ask friends to come and help with one-time big projects (you’d be surprise how much people enjoy helping out each other).  Ask your husband to help lighten the load wherever he is able to without adding more stress to his own schedule. Remember, the point is to have order not chaos.
  4. Take regular Time Outs.  Don’t just take a time out when you feel upset or overwhelmed, but make it a habit to take time outs just to be by yourself for the purpose of doing absolutely nothing but relaxing and reflect.
  5. Enjoy Life!  Smile more, play more, and enjoy the simple things in life.  Who says your daily schedule has to be all work and no play?  When I do my least favorite house chore (laundry), I put on some rocking music and sing along -I even throw in a few dancing moves here and there.  You could even put on your ear piece and make phone calls while you clean house.  Some times I bake while working on a project – nothing makes you work faster than the smell of freshly baked cookies! Instead of working out on your thread Mill today, why not go to a park or walk around your neighborhood.  The scenery and the fresh air alone will do you good. 

Check out these scriptures:

  • Psalm 18:32 -It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect.
  • Psalm 28:7 -The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and I am helped. My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to him in song.

by Beba

Distractions, distractions, distractions

Just like yesterday, they are here again

No matter the time of day, shape or form

They’ll drag me out of my comfort zone

A needy friend that just couldn’t wait

A pile of bills that must be paid

Loud sounds from my neighbor’s stereo

My children starving for my attention

Distractions, distractions, distractions

Today I’m lacking compassion

Throughout the day and in the night

I’m yelling quietly in my mind

Should I disappear while doing errands?

Seems unfair to give in to daily demands

What if there’s something lacking in me?

If I sift through the chaos, what would I see?

Distractions, distractions, distractions

Is the static a reminder to take action?

What if by giving my time away

I’m helping someone on the way?

Though there are things I can’t control

Those I can, I must

I’m learning to stand still and know

To recognize the voice that calms my storms

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