Everyone Has a Unique Life Story Worth Sharing

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Several years ago, an Abante International team of colleagues went to Israel on a discipleship and leadership training journey. They lodged and served at the Mount of Olives facilities of a Christian organization. I was unable to go on this specific quest due to my job at a law firm in Atlanta that I was fully committed to at the time. However, upon their arrival, they shared several stories with me about their experience. Obviously, I was working through an awful case of FOMO (fear of missing out) and although I was deeply moved, I tried my best to look cool and collected.

Nevertheless, there was a story that truly impacted me. The colleagues shared about how they visited a local school and several homes in the nearby village/community. The said that the school would dedicate several hours of their educational day to take the students to the homes of patriarchs (or elderly people) to listen to their stories. Why you ask? (I asked the same question) Because they believe there is wisdom and true value in having the younger generation seat at the feet of those who have lived longer and have important lessons to share from their life journeys; like learning history from those who have lived it.

I could not hide the tears in my eyes because I felt so inspired to hear about this amazing tool for teaching and discipleship. What could be more impacting that hearing real life stories from people with wrinkle faces and heads full of grey hair. I could just imagine the wisdom collected through the years that now these young children would glean into in order to have a sense of pride and curiosity about life, faith, people, family, love and perseverance, among other things. What a gift!

Although I do not own a head that is full of grey hair (yet) I do feel the wings of time moving closer to tomorrow and further away from yesterday. Sometimes I think that the years have not been kind to me in regards to the sufferings I have experienced thus far. But I cannot negate the adventures I have been a part of, and the people I have had the honor to meet around the world. I have hiked beautiful trails, and enjoyed more sunrises and sunsets than I care to tell. Truth be known, the older I get, the more beauty I see in simple living. I have learned to find joy in the mundane, and the unexpected, and I make it a point to share my stories with everyone I meet when given the opportunity.

Why am I sharing this with you? Because we all have stories to tell; perhaps even secrets and truths that need to be reveal. Just because we are aging, does not mean that we stop sharing, or caring. I encourage you to find moments to share your knowledge; your collection of wisdom and lessons learned with your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, cousins, and everyone else who would be willing to listen. Humanity is filled with stories that we get to pass down from generation to generation, in the hopes that better decisions will be made, and better versions of ourselves will carry on.

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