Field Notes: Pishon Farm in Chungha, Pohang City

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I enjoy exploring around the cities, countrysides and coastlines of the many places I have visited around the world. This time, I am once again visiting Pohang city in South Korea. Every time I come to Pohang, I recognize that it has become like another home to me. I rent a vehicle and drive all around the countryside and the city as if I were a local, remembering my favorite cafes, restaurants and shops I have visited on previous trips.

One place that continues to evolve is the lovely Pishon Farm. My friends turned ‘adoptive family’ never cease to amaze me with their innovative concepts and creativity. This family truly loves the farm life, and they continue to look for ways to grow their tourist farm into a place where all can find peace, beauty, fun and inspiration.

Nestled in the mountains of Chungha, Pohang, Pishon Farm provides its campers with activities like planting and harvesting, wood carving workshops, baking lessons, and drawing and painting classes among others. They even have activities for pets! When I’m at the farm, I can’t help but reflect on my childhood and how much my family enjoyed camping with friends. I caught myself getting emotional a few times remembering how much fun it was to go camping and cook outdoors, sing and play musical instruments around the bonfire, and swim at the beach until we looked like dark prunes from all of our fun in the sun.

It was at a camping trip that I had my first romantic experience with a beautiful blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy. He wanted to hold my hand, but I was so shy that I wouldn’t let him. Mind you, we were like eight or nine at the time. Nevertheless, our older siblings decided to help out. They dug a hole in the sand, had us hold hands and place them inside, then buried them with the hot sand. I mean, come on. You’ve got to admit — that was pretty romantic! I also lost many bathing suit tops while swimming (ugh), got stung by jelly fish, bees, crabs, and stepped on sea urchins — not fun!

There is a certain kind of nostalgia you feel when you go camping. The atmosphere seems to bring back memories of a different time; perhaps a time that was innocent and adventurous. I hope all of you who read my blogposts and follow my journey find time to get away and create some memories of your own with your children, friends and loved ones. Take that fishing trip to the lake, or go to the mountains, the beach, wherever you find a little piece of heaven, and share it with those you are doing life with. I promise you, it is life giving, and soon you will discover that creating memories is a whole lot of fun!

You can check out the Pishon Farm instagram account at @psfarm_pohang.

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