Have We Missed The Good Stuff?

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What I mean when I say I miss being young is I don’t remember what it’s like to believe in infinity. All I know are endings and I’m not sure which to welcome and which to mourn. Innocence is something we are always counting away from.

William Bortz

There is nothing like the holidays to make you reminisce about years gone by. This holiday season has me nostalgic for my younger years. It’s strange because what I feel is not sadness or frustration at getting old. It’s more like a quiet respect for the life I have lived and lingering unapologetic questions that may never be answered. I suppose is like that when your horizon beings to look a lot closer that it used to. At this point in life, I am trying to look at my past with less regrets, while focusing on good things lived.

Flashbacks of playing hide and go seek with my childhood friends in Puerto Rico, and flying kites in El Viejo San Juan are flooding my mind. My college years in a small bible college in California, my first real job, and how could I forget falling in love, and the birth of my two sons? Those are engraved in my heart forever! I have many fond recollections of places visited, and people I have met around the world. You see, I am reminiscing but I am not brokenhearted. Instead, I am smiling and sometimes laughing out loud.

Aging is real. I cannot even imagine attempting to do the things I did while full of vitality and good health. I share these thoughts because I fear that some of you might be looking back and perhaps focus on your mistakes, or bad experiences. I want to encourage you to move beyond the painful memories and focus on the good ones; the belly aching funny ones! Suffering will always be a part of our history with beginnings and endings that live a bitter taste on our tongues or a wam fuzzy feeling ion our chest.

Sadly, we cannot adjust time. However, we can look back at the moments that brought us joy, happiness, peace, comfort, and love. Instead of focusing on the bad memories, if we center on the good memories, we may experience a much better holiday season this year. How about it? Shall we give it a try?

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