If I Call You Darling, Will You Make Me Pancakes?

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Anyone who knows me, quickly perceives my peculiar affinity for pancakes.  I mean, if you were to ask me what my favorite meal is, I would say, breakfast, hands down!  However, if you were to ask me what my favorite food is, I’d have to say is pancakes (and/or waffles).  Not steak and mashed potatoes, or pasta, or even Puerto Rican Arroz con Gandulez (rice with pigeon peas).  For me, a beautifully well prepared pancake will do just fine!

I’m not sure where the love affair began, but it’s been going strong for years now.  I have learned through the years that a buttermilk fluffy in the middle and crispy on the edges pancake is not the only way to make these food of the gods.  When I am in America, I like the buttermilk fluffy pancakes, multi-grain pancakes, and the occasional coconut pancakes (my favorites).  Americans are very creative when it comes to their food, and the fact that I have eaten more than 20 different types of pancakes while in the states, it’s proof.

I have also traveled to many countries, where I’ve had the joy of experiencing pancakes and waffles in ways I have never even dreamed of.  From a Sweden exchange student, I had the thinnest pancakes I have ever ate.  There were almost not there, but still very good.  In France I had the most amazing crepes with banana and Nutella (that is a must if you ever go to Paris).


Then in Germany, I visited my friend Elisa, who took me to a pancake house (restaurant) were, for the very first time, I had pancakes topped with everything from steak to grilled peppers and onions, asparagus, sauce, you name it!  The experience was incredible, and I am already checking my calendar to mark the day I will return for another exquisite meal at the Erstes Ulmer Pfannkuchenhaus in Ulm.

Here are a few photos of the experience:

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Following that amazing dining experience in Ulm, I traveled to Bad Rippoldssau, where my spanish friend Lydia met me, and treated me to a most peculiar meal; Pancake soup. I know what you’re thinking, “must be some sort of dessert soup”.  Well, no.  It is a real meal, which can be made as a first course or as the main course depending on what you add to the recipe.  Here I will share my fire’s recipe and some photos:

For the pancake you will need: (4 people)

250gr (1 cup) flour
2 eggs
300ml milk
1/2 teaspoon salt
a pinch of Black pepper to your like

Mix all the ingredients until the mix is fine, then make the pancakes very thin on a skillet. Once they are done, cut them in think slices like noodles.

For the Soup you will need:

Boil water (about 5 cups) drop a couple of bouillon cubes (or Knorr cubes), parsley, garlic, or any other herb you like. Pour broth in a bowl and garnish with a handful of the pancake “noodles”.  And there it is!  Bon Appetite!


Pancake Soup

German Pancakes

German Pancakes


Pancakes sliced into noodle like strips


Adding condiments to the broth

Add the pancake noodles and soup is ready!

Add the pancake noodles and soup is ready!




Simple enough, right?  This is the original recipe, which is very light, however you can add meat or/and vegetables and make it heavier is you like.

Enjoy your pancakes, whichever way you prefer to eat them, and see you next time at the Invisible Gazebo!

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  1. How interesting, I known you all my life, but of corse you are my sister and I never knew your tasteful fascination for pancakes. I enjoy your reading Be a, te amo. Vivi

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