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Beba's Snow Day

Beba enjoying a snowy day!

Is day three of Georgia’s rare winter blizzard and I for one am enjoying a few days of nothing but time with my family and without interruptions in our home. It sure is cold outside but it looks beautiful.  I love waking up and looking out the window to find a blanket of white snow covering our driveway.   Another thing I love about this weather is how quiet the neighborhood is.  No work, no schools, no church, no trips to the grocery store and best of all, no phone calls!  Well, at least not as many as on regular days.

Is funny but  I spend the week of Christmas at home because I was sick with the flu.  Not my idea of a fun week off!  But now, I am all better and I get to spend these days enjoying my boys with plenty of time for writing and getting things organized at home.  Speaking of organization, I started going through things in my closet and realized I had clothing items there from back in the day. I mean, I found the outfit I wore right after the reception at my wedding.  That thing is 18 years old people!  I found outfits I haven’t worn in years and those I will certainly never wear again.  My husband told me I was a pack-rat and it bothered me, because I never thought I was one of those people who can’t get rid of anything.  But as I started going through boxes, I found myself getting emotional.

“Can’t get rid of this!  It’s Bethany’s baby blanket…” (Bethany was our Dachshund puppy-she’s been dead for some years now).  There were old magazines with recipes I have marked to try some day, and then there were paint samples I was keeping for when we decide to remodel.  There were boxes with socks, buttons and ribbons I kept in case the boys want to do snowmen from socks like we used to (mind you, my boys are now 17 & 16), and old drawings, cards and notes from my teaching days.  Gosh!  I am a pack-rat!

 Well, as sad as it may feel, it is time to clean house and get rid of the old in order to make room for the new.  Have you ever found yourself  in that situation?  I remember when I was a child back in Puerto Rico, and right before Christmas everyone would paint their houses, change the curtains, get new bedding, , I mean, it was Spring cleaning in steroids!  Can you imagine if we tried to do that here in the states? Painting the house annually?  That alone would brake us!  The thing I remember about that time in PR, is that my parents planned for it.  We were not wealthy or expert designers, but we planned in advance and always prepared for such a time.  How would life be different for our families if we planned in advance?  Would we have to reschedule family vacations because we don’t have the funds?  Just a thought.

So, my dear readers, this New Year, I resolve to get more organized and to make it a habit to plan and prepare better than in years past.  You are all welcomed to keep me accountable!  I’m curious, what’s your New Year’s resolution?

I went online and found us a few good resources to help us get organized this year.  Check them out below and for detailed information go to

home organization ebook   The Definitive Guide to Home Organization for Busy People
Rating: 5 stars
The author of this excellent e-book and supplementary audio programs is a professional organizer. The twist is that he is a man! Contrary to what so often happens, this family man reformed his family through his methods and now they’ve all learned the joys of organization and declutter. The process is made easy by his easy-to-follow workbook. Strongly recommended. 
clutterfree forever ebook  Clutter-free Forever Home Coaching Program
 5 starsThis really is a course. It includes a 161-page manual, a 6-part home study course and membership in the private support program. If you want ongoing support as you work your way to an organized space and try to keep it that way, this is the program for you. 

I also recoment the website, Simplify101.  You will find some great tips on how to organize your home and some and easy to do projects.

Although you can google many sites with great ideas and tips on organization, or read many books, nothing beats just getting started on your own.  Just get up early one day and do it!  Get rid of  the old and make room for the new.  It time to get started!


Disclaimer: Hey friends, just want to make you aware that the second book, does include some Feng Shui-New Age stuff in it.  Although I do not promote New Age stuff, If you can look pass that part, check it out -you may find some helpful organizational tips.

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  1. Beba, that was an awesome, helpful, resourceful, blog! This is something I need to do myself and I’m going to get started on it ASAP.
    Thanks for helping me help myself!!


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  2. Hey Beba. My new year’s resolution is to clean out the closests of my house (like you) but also the closests of my heart too. Get rid of the old stuff that ties me back, or holds me down and and doesn’t let me move forward toward the place God wants me to be in.

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  3. Hey Beba, I certainly understand how hard it is to get rid of things that we think are important. For everything we hold on to we we have a very emotional attachment to it. It so sentimental how can I let it go after all we will need it again in about four or five year won’t we. Well they’re just baggage and baggage hold us back, it clutters our lives in one way or another so thank you for bringing it to my attention because it made me look not only in my closet but in my life for all the clutter I have holding me back.

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  4. Beba, Totally loved your piece about clutter. I am one who doesn’t like to threw out stuff, because as soon as i do, I end up needing it for something!!
    However, I tend to hang on to things because I think I might be able to make use of it. Now that I am older, all kids grown, it is still a habit to break. Once you’ve cleared the clutter, it is anothing challenge not to reclutter. Some tips on how to decide if you should throw something out or give away sure would be great.
    When I hear of people who’ve lost everything eccept what they are wearing, including family, I realize how blessed i am to have clutter to get rid of.

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      I hear you. I have a hard time getting rid of anything, but it is a new day and honestly I am simply running out of space in my closet. :}
      Here are a few tips:
      If you have not worn it or used it in a year (or longer) -get rid of it! Chances are you won’t even miss it.
      If it didn’t fit last year, changes are it still doesn’t fit this year (or by the time it does fit, it’s become outdated and unfashionable).
      Label and separate items with dividers or storage containers rather than boxes.
      If it is extremely sentimental, box it and move it to either the garage or the attic for now, that’ll give you a few weeks to decide what to do with it before we de-clutter those two rooms.

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