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891886_10151383349614677_2122921583_oIt’s been a while since my last post and I apologize for my lengthy silence in the past four months.  My life has taken a crazy 180 this year and though I have been extremely busy with packing, moving, and traveling, I am also eager to share with you about this amazing adventure I am living. As many of you already know, my husband and I founded Abante International three years ago.  This has been a dream of ours for more than ten years but after much prayer and preparations, we finally decided to pull the trigger and we have already experienced great results.  It is no secret that starting a new business/ministry can be stressful and difficult.  We have experienced both turmoil and excitement as we venture out into this new endeavor, but God has proven himself faithful over and over again. 227838_10150177641462776_4525621_n(1)

On our first year we decided to just organize an promote; to get our name out-there an hopefully generate some interest.  We had a slow start because the program is so unique that many were skeptical (even close friends and family), but we knew the vision God had given us was somewhat epic and time would be on our side.  Sure enough, time proved to be our best friend starting out and now that we are almost done with our second full-time journey, we couldn’t be happier.  And so, as we have experienced good results, the need for both my husband and I to do this full-time became a necessity;  we both quit our jobs, put our house up for rent, gave away our precious dog, Sam, and then set out with our sons and our group of students to learn, live and lead in a global in a global community.  We started out in Atlanta, Georgia, then we went to Puerto Rico in the Caribbean and currently, we are in Germany and several neighboring countries.

To say it has been easy would be a lie.  Giving up our routine and lifestyle, along with our close relatives and friends, to go travel the world may sound exotic, but it has been both difficult and rewarding.  My family has sacrificed much to see this vision come to fruition and only by the grace of God are we able to see good fruit.  Learning to live by faith and truly trusting in God for every decision and move has been a transforming experience; lots of growing pains and moments of awe.

[quote style=”boxed”]Hardship often prepares an ordinary person for an extraordinary destiny. – C. S. Lewis [/quote]   375138_10151440122052776_552194874_n

I’m sometimes left to wonder why is it so difficult for people to jump out in faith for the things they believe in.  If we didn’t think this dream of ours was attainable, we never would have taken the leap of faith.  But even then, I have to ask myself, does faith require that we have all the information before we believe the vision?  Or are we to trust and believe regardless of the data?  I want to encourage you- who are looking from the top of a cliff, down to a terrifying precipice; Jump!  After you’ve sought out God’s leading and his favor, and after you’ve listen to Godly counsel, don’t give it another thought, just jump off.  Many will point out the negatives and all that could go wrong, but at the end of the day, if God called you and he has confirmed it, go forth and do that thing that God has placed in your heart.

The things that make us shake in our boots are the very things that give wings to our faith; trust God’s confidence in you.

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