Making Old Things New

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Well, the New Year is upon us, and with it comes a flood of expectations, dos and don’ts lists, new journals, new attitudes, and new diet trends. Sometimes keeping up with plans and organizing the calendar for the new year seems to be just as stressful as shopping and preparing for Christmas!

I’ve been thinking and meditating about how I want to live my life this year, and several things have come to mind. For me, chasing after all the things that are life-giving has been the “thing” I devoted myself to since my life-threatening heart surgery. I have experienced many changes since that incident, and some of those changes have been life-altering and crucial. As I embrace the new year, I am already in planning/doing mode; no time’s a wasting!

The first thing I have done as I prepare for 2023 is take a few days to rest. I mean, I just lay in my pajamas and watch Korean dramas and tons of decorating and DIY videos than I have gotten into within the previous months. I must admit, there is something calming and exciting about watching people create beautiful things, especially when old things get a makeover. I concede that I often see myself as one of those old and broken chest of drawers, desperately needing a facelift of sorts. I have, in fact, gone through several renovations, and so far I’m happy with the renewal. But back to the planning…

The next thing I have planned is a list of goals for the year. While writing my list of things that need to be moved from the “dreaming” stage into the “actively pursuing” stage, I concluded that I spend my time just dreaming when instead, I could get to work and make things happen. I am determined to take the fear out of the unknown and plan ahead for more joyful things to encounter like nearby trips, museum visits, workshops, meeting new friends, and experiencing new and challenging adventures while still hitting some of those hard-to-get-to bucket list items.

Among the things on my list is the release of my next book — this time, a journal following up on Chasing Life: Lessons on Suffering Well. I figured it was time I release my next writing project, but I have been intensely thinking about the need to talk about things we fear disclosing, sharing, or voicing out because of how people will view us, or perhaps for fear of rejection. These are all legitimate fears, of course. However, there is a time for everything, and at some point, we have to put the fears aside and practice vulnerability.

My journal is meant to be used as a healing visual/art journal with prompts to encourage vulnerability and openness. It will also include areas for drawing, painting, sketching, and/or mixed media. You don’t have to be a professional artist or have a talent in any of those areas — after all, this will be your own journal that no one gets to have any access to but you. With this journal, you will be able to express yourself freely, whether through writing or other mediums. Soon, you will start seeing more details about this journal including its release date and previews. Just as with “Chasing Life” (the book), you will be able to purchase this journal through the website ( very soon, so be on the lookout for upcoming announcements on that!

I am excited about this new year ahead, and have nothing but good expectations as I face new things together with all of you. Let’s welcome 2023 with open arms and begin this year continuing our chase for life with courage and determination.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Thank you Beba as my blood sister you encourage me to continue to run🏃‍♂️ and seek God no matter of life threatening or consequences. I am looking forward to the release of your journal. I love you so much abd I am so proud of you 👏

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