No Better Time Than Now For a Good Spiel

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I have been experiencing several illnesses in the last four months -non heart related, which have confined me to my apartment to rest and wait for better days. As much as I love the outdoors, I’ve had to spend much of my time in-doors, and resting more than I care to do. During my “down” time, I have engaged in new hobbies and ways to keep myself in a continued loop of learning new skills, and on a growth path that gives me more than it takes.

When I am not cleaning (which is everyday and anytime,) I am drawing, painting, crafting, writing, working out, playing my guitar, cooking/baking, and unashamedly watching too much Netflix and Viki. Although, life looks differently than what I had planned, I am making the most of it. However, lately I have been reminiscing consistently. The memories of past “glory days” when I was more active and had many people around me, had me feeling nostalgic for relationships and community.

For someone like me, who is an extrovert at heart, missing certain people, and wishing to be around friends has been a point of long conversations with God (and with myself). As a result all that thinking, I began to reconnect with old friends via text and calls. And do you know what I discovered? Keeping in touch with people is important. I had interesting and informative conversations that help me understand where we are at currently.

Sometimes our loneliness can be a by-product of failing to make the first move. Why wait for someone to reach out first? Today, I want to encourage you to make that phone call or that dinner invitation; to go the extra mile and put yourself out there. Perhaps your connection will uncover things that need to be said, healing conversations, plans for a meet-up, and an opportunity to create new and beautiful memories.

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  1. Beba thank you for pouring your heart as you always do. People are important and more so in lonely times and in sickness. Pray that God brings into your life people who has the same intrest as you or teach you new things to explore together. Love you mi hermanita

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