The Quarantine Experience

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Recently, I experienced fourteen days of mandatory quarantine in Seoul, South Korea due to the recently introduced COVID-19 health and safety measures. (Thanks, pandemic). I think it is an understatement to say that life as we know it has changed dramatically all over the world, and going through quarantine upon arrival in Seoul is certainly one of those dramatic changes. …

Perils of Anxiety

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“An anxious mind is a divided mind” Hakeem Bradley The date was April 14, 2014.  I had just finished sharing an inspiring testimony about my father’s journey of faith.  During that morning’s sermon, I noticed my husband suddenly began to nervously text back and forth, and I was frankly annoyed that he would do this during service, which in all honesty is …


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“Can we drink of the cup of suffering when it comes? How will we react to a season of wilderness, isolation, pain, and suffering?” -Chasing Life: Lessons on Suffering Well (P38) I think by now, everyone who knows me and is familiar with my journey with suffering, knows well that pain and grief are pretty much long-stay friends of mine.  Nevertheless, …

How Do You Deal?

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Merriam-Webster dictionary defines suffering as “to submit to or be forced to endure”, also to “undergo, or experience,” and “to put up with especially as inevitable or unavoidable.”  One thing is for certain, everyone “undergoes” or “experience” suffering.  Hard times have a way to finds us no matter our marital status, gender, color, nationality, height, weight, social and financial status, political …

Everyone Suffers

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“You will suffer, son of Hades!’ What else is new? Nico thought.” ― Rick Riordan, The Blood of Olympus Let me just begin by saying that Suffering is not a phenomenon that, like a virus, affects some people and not others. The truth is suffering will find us all. It is part of life, and no one is exempt from …

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One With Nature…Reflecting

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I was never one to ask why things happened the way they did, but I often asked myself, “why am I still around?”  “What is the purpose in keeping me alive like this?”  Just honest questions because, well, it just has not been ideal.  Funny thing is that my questions are often met with a deafening silence.  One that for the most part only makes me feel more alienated and ignored.