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Several years back, I was with my dad driving some Church members home. A lady asked me what I wanted to do after graduation. I didn’t have to think twice, telling her that I enjoyed music and writing and was looking into a degree in music therapy. With a surprised look in her face, she exclaimed, “I thought for sure you would be going into some sort of ministry like missions.” I, immediately went into a rant about how church people seem to think that the only thing we are called to do is some sort of church focused ministry, but that I was not interested in any of that.

My father suddenly interjected; “stop it, you know well, you are a missionary! You can do anything else you want to do, but you will always go back to missions because it is in your heart.” I became defensive and frankly upset with my dad for what I perceived to be his closed mindedness. I mean, it seemed like it was either one or the other, and I was not willing to hear it, especially from my father as my pastor.

Fast forward several years later and I co-founded Abante International -a discipleship and Leadership training organization with the goal of viewing our careers as our mission field. And yes, my father was right! As of present, I have visited more than twenty five countries on mission journeys, and have dedicated my life to my local mission field; my community, family and friends. Even as I focus on my writing career, I use my platform as an opportunity to disciple people God places in my life. Through the years, I have discovered that marrying a career with a spiritual call from God is not something I need to fear, run away from, or reject.

I’m getting ready to go on yet another journey, this time to Nicaragua. My health issues are still there; a reminder that I am hanging by a thread. However, that thread is made of something powerful and divine. I trust God to give me the strength to endure until my last breath. And in case you wonder, I trust God gives my doctor’s wisdom for my treatment and so, I am following all of my care provider’s advice, and taking all my meds with me.

I have been hard at work creating art to raise my funds, while promoting my book “Chasing Life: Lessons on Suffering Well, and preparing to launch my new Interactive Journal (launching day to be announced soon.) To say that I am busy is an understatement, but I am also excited and expectant. Every time I get to do what I love, a strong sense of joy builds up. I am truly blessed to live this life!

These days, with every move I make, I sense the hand of God leading me forward, and although on most days, He seems silent, He is very present. I have not stopped trusting Him, nor have I slowed down my resolve to serve Him still, regardless of my illness, and other challenges of life. How about you? How are you moving forward within your life call? Would you share with me where God is taking you in your career/ministry path?

If you wish to support my fund raising efforts, I have a GoFundMe page linked here. You can also purchase my book in this site, and lastly, there is an upcoming event this Saturday, April 22nd where I will be selling my art, books and other goodies. My team will also be working hard selling yard sale items, snacks, and other items. If you are able to attend, be sure to stop by my table and say hello. I’d love to meet you! (information below)

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  1. I am so proud of you and all you have accomplished. As you mentioned per your health issues, struggles, and other rocks in the road, and our mom in special care, you continue going strong. You are running the run that God has called you for. Keep going mi hermana that God will never leves you nor forsake you. ❤️ you always tu hermana Vivi

    1. Viví, gracias! Mi hermana querida que siempre me alentaba. Te amo!

      Viví, thank you! My dear sister who always encourages me. I love you!

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