Remembering Jon

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A little over 6 years ago, I was in Romania doing some missions work with my husband and a group of young people. Part of our scheduled included a stay at a seminary were young men were being trained to become ministers. The day of their graduation happen to fall on our last day there, so we decided to do something a little different. We had a time of worship and testimony outside in the open patio of the seminary and afterwards shared our stories while we ate pizza with “ketchup” and cake and ice cream.

We had a wonderful time together and formed such a great bond with our Romanian brothers in Bucharest. I talked with many of the students and was very impressed by their passion for ministry and their desire to win souls for Christ. During our service outdoors I had shared some thoughts about Gods provision for their needs in every aspect of their lives following their departure from school. I thought it was a simple talk but apparently God stired something in the hearts of these young men as they began to ask me questions that range from understanding God’s leading to marriage and leadership.

I met a young man named Jon. He approached me while we were eating pizza and asked me if he could have a word with me. I politely said, “of course”. He began by telling me that he enjoyed the talk and that he was called to be a missionary to the Afghan people in the Middle East. Immediately my heart sank inside of me…I thought to myself; “poor kid, he will certainly die there”. But just a soon as that thought crossed my mind, I felt such compassion and pride for Jon. He spoke to me about his heart for Afghanistan and tears swelled up in his eyes. I couldn’t help myself, I cried as well.

Jon told me that everyone tried to talk him out of going, but he could not go against God’s calling in his life. He knew without a doubt this is where God wanted him to be and he was completely and utterly committed to see it through regardless of what it may cost him. He told me that all week long he had been struggling with thoughts of the future. He was worried about finding the right mate who would be willing to go with him to Afghanistan and serve with him there. He said he had been crying out to God for peace in this matter and almost stayed in his room during our service to pray some more, but felt the urge to be there. What I said seemed simple to me; however, it was exactly what he needed to hear. My good friend Jon had tears in his eyes still when he smiled with such pure joy and said, “I do feel peace now, God will provide all I need”. I was elated! How great is our God? In the midst of desperation and doubts, He shows himself more real than ever.

The last time I had communication with our friends at the seminary they told me he was already in Afghanistan working for the kingdom of God. I had promised Jon I would pray for him every time God put his face in my mind and to this day, I have kept my promise. I wanted to write about him today, because his beautiful face shone before me and I said a prayer for him. I decided I wanted to share his story hoping that it will encourage someone else who may be going through something similar as what he was struggling with. Please know that God will always provide for not just some of your needs but all of your needs.

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