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Sam having fun!

We have a beautiful, pure-bred boxer named Sam.  We actually named her Samantha K. Schlottmann, but we call her Sam and sometimes Sammy for short.  She is the most amazing pet I’ve ever owned!  My husband got her for me when I lost my job a few years back.  He thought it would cheer me up having a puppy to care for while in transition.

At first, I was absolutely opposed to getting a pet, because we’d had 2 previous dogs and way too many fish who ended up lost, ran over, or flushed down the toilet.  Needless to say, pets never did well with our family (our incompetence, I’m sure)  But I remember the day my family convinced me to go see the new born puppies of a friend.  They had been trying to convince me we needed a puppy for some time now.  I finally gave in-reluctantly but nevertheless, I agreed to go see them.  Big mistake!  All it took was one look at those droopy eyes and that square, wrinkly face.  I was smitten!

Sam's first night at the Schlottmann household

Truth be known, she had me at hello; I fell in love with her immediately!  I couldn’t put her down and then I became so selfish…I didn’t want anyone to have a turn at holding her.  I remember telling my husband,  “go ahead and pay whatever,  she’s coming home with me.”  We left there and went straight to Petco to buy supplies, toys, food, you name it!  She was already spoiled and she had not even made it through the threshold of the Schlottmann residence.

She laid on my chest and slept for ever and we all just stared at her as if we had just brought home a newborn baby girl to join the family.  I guess in a way we did.  We love her and treat her with the same respect we give each other.  She was potty trained in no time and learned tricks rather quickly.  They boys introduced her to our neighbors and friends as their new baby sister.  For me, though it became nurturing her became somewhat nostalgic. I knew she wasn’t my child, but every time I held her small shrivering body in my arms, I remember how fragil and small my babies were once.  She’s became therapeutic as I watch my own boys grow olderand more independent.

Our precious baby girl!

Sam the toddler

The teenage months!

Now, I have to tell you that the very playful and cute little puppy that weight no more than 2 pounds, is a 45-50 pound adult dog (well, seh’s actually what we would consider a middle schooler).  I cannot hold her in my arms like I used to, but she is still just as playful and silly as when she was a puppy.  She definitely has a personality of her own!

Sam has become such a source of joy for our family.  On days when I am feeling stressed or sad, I get the feeling she can tell, because she is more loving and payful than usual.  Is funny that a pet could bring so much happiness and unity to a family.  So, listen, pets are not for everyone, but if you are considering getting one; I recomend it.  Life is so much more fun with a fun pet to love and care for.  But be warned, they do require lots of attention and affection.

Btwy, the “K” in her name means absolutely nothing!

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