Seoul, Part Two: 안녕 Annyeong!

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Namsan Tower

I had heard much about this place that I made sure it was at the top of my list of things to do while in South Korea. Every person we met, told us to go at night because it is all the more beautiful and romantic.  After being separated from my husband for several months while he was in Honduras and then in Europe, I was ready to visit Namsan Tower with him and make this a special date night for us.  We walked through what seemed like a sea of tourists and locals, while live streaming and taking shameless amounts of selfies like newlyweds do.  The top level is an observatory, photo studio, as well as souvenir and coffee shop, while the lower level has what seemed like a never ending display of love locks hanging from rails, trees, and other features.  I followed suit and bought a lock.  We wrote our names and “25” for the twenty five years we have been married.  Next, we did what Korean couples do on a date; we tried (unsuccessfully) to get a stuffed animal from the claw crain.  Finally, as we were leaving, I got us the wrong cable car, and ended up on the other side of the mountain, on a completely different parking lot.  I stayed at a coffee shop and waited there for Brian, while he went back up and tried to figure out how to get our car.  Two hours later, we were finally on our way back to the hotel.  A sad end to our romantic evening, but a new funny story to share with our family and friends for years to come.  Namsan tower did not disappoint, it is definitely a great spot to go if you want to get great views and shots of Seoul city, and a perfect spot for a romantic evening with your special someone.


















Yongsan Electronics Market

There was only one thing Brian wanted to do during our time in Seoul.  He wanted to visit Media Mart.  He had done his preliminary research and was eager to spend some money at the biggest media mall in South Korea.  After having an interesting breakfast at one of the hundreds of coffee shops in the mall, we set out for what I can only call, Brian’s amazing adventure.  He was like a child at a candy store-not exaggerating!  After about forty five minutes, we had only covered two levels (the place was huge), and the longer we looked around the more disappointed Brian became.  It was obvious he was not finding something worth the trip.  Don’t get me wrong, there was plenty to see, but the prices were high, and we felt overwhelmed with so much to see.  When you look at smart toilets for more than thirty five minutes, you know you are overwhelmed.  Surprisingly, we spent a great deal of time messing around with gadgets at the LEGO level.  They had an entire floor dedicated to Legos!  Sadly, my husband did not find anything he really wanted at Media Mart, however, I left with a new case and clip for my phone.  Lucky me!


















Sights of Seoul

Our last drive around Seoul was on our way to the airport.  I had mixed feelings. I certainly enjoyed myself in our short vacation, but my body felt weak, and my mind was trying to process all that I had seen and experience while in South Korea. During our drive to the airport, I took a few photos and thought about how beautiful this country truly is. There are many bridges and tall buildings, as well as flowers that are beginning to bloom. The people are reserved but not unfriendly, and beautiful inside and outside. A lot can be said about the fastidious yellow dust that seems to cover the entire city, making everything look foggy and dull.  Nevertheless, if you take time to really see what is in front of you, you will find a beautiful forest beyond the tree.



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