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Julian just turned 16 in January

It’s been a few weeks since you’ve heard from me.  I’ve been in Europe for the past couple of weeks and did not have much “wifi” to be able to post a new blog.  In the weeks and months to come, as I reflect on my latest adventure, I will be posting several blogs where I will share some of the highlights with you. 

Before I get into that, thought, I received a prayer request from a friend of mine, whose little boy is undergoing some tests for what the doctors believe might be either Lupus or Rheumatoid.  The moment I read her email, I began to pray.  While praying, God brought back to my memory a time in my life when I had to face a difficult test with one of my boys’ health.  I know we all face though situations at one time or another and so, I want to share with you the story as I shared it with my friend. 

When my son Julian was born, he had Transposition of the Great Vessels (Basically, his main arteries were not where they should be).  They took my little newborn baby and flew him to another hospital to prepare him for heart surgery (the surgery would take place 4 days later).  Meanwhile, I had to stay at my hospital for another two days.  On my first night, I was alone in my room late at night, crying out to God for peace and wisdom in all that was happening.  I then received a call from my oldest sister, Lourdes.

She told me that several months before Julian was born she’d had a strange dream.  In her dream she was running through a hospital hallway.  She got to an operating room and pushed the doors open, and when she approached the operating table, she knew it was my baby the surgeons were working on.  She said all of a sudden she looked at the doctors hands and they shone bright, so when she looked up at his face, she saw that the surgeon was an angel.  He smiled at her and then she woke up.

Nothing brings more panic, confusion and uneasiness to us parents than when something goes wrong with one of our children.  We spend a lifetime protecting them, but life still happens and they still get hurt sometimes.  I could have panicked or get angry at God, but I knew better.  When my sister told me her dream, I felt a peace come over me that I cannot explain.  You spend your entire believer life knowing that God heals and that He is able to do miraculous things, but when you are the one put through the fire, head knowledge is not enough.  You need to believe it in your heart.

Every time I have been faced with a difficult situation with my children, I go back to that dream.  It helps me re-focus.  If God is good enough to send an angel to watch over my baby who was not able to worship him yet, why would he not continue to watch over him when he is older and knows more about his creator?

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  1. Wow Beba this posting is beautiful, I never knew of Lourdes’ dream until now. God is awesome. You were praying for peace and Lourdes called you and you received peace through her dream. God listens, but the answer will arrive at His time not at our time. Thank you mama for your wonderful experiences! te amo, tu hermana Vivi .

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