Field Notes: Coastal Living in Jeju Island

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I am an island girl at heart. In fact, if you were to ask me what I miss most about living in Puerto Rico, I would tell you, hands down, I miss la playa (the beach) with its beautiful blue and turquoise waters. Driving around the coast and taking in the salty air while savoring the local delicacies is life …

Field Notes: Blessing in Disguise | Homigot

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Though I would consider myself to be a world traveler and explorer at heart, I have not always been so adventurous or fearless. But then, I traveled to Korea once, twice, and now I am on my fifth trip, solo, with little planning, little funds, a small command of the language, with two large suitcases and a false sense of …

dumplings on a plate

Field Notes: Making Mandu (만두 만들기)

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Last week, I kicked off my new series, Chasing Life: Field Notes, with a blogpost about aging. The purpose of this series is to share some of the things I have been doing to make my latter days better than the first. Some of these things include traveling, meeting new people, making and trying new things, and always learning! One …