That Time I Was Full of Drama

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The courage of life is often a less dramatic spectacle than the courage of a final moment; but it is no less a magnificent mixture of triumph and tragedy.

John F. Kennedy

I’m sure you have often heard the phrase, “you’re so dramatic!” or “you are full of drama!” Well, if you haven’t, I have, often. I think that it has become a sort of joke with some people, where they call someone dramatic when they over emphasize their feelings about a specific situation, or just for expressing their feelings about it. For those of us who are often called dramatic, the question remains; why haven’t we received an Oscar statuette yet?

All joking aside though, life often gives us lemons, and many of us do not necessarily know how to make lemonade out of them. It takes time to figure out how to navigate grief, loss, rejection, betrayal, or any other kind of suffering. For some of us -if not all- it might take a lifetime to figure it all out. But as well figure it out, drama is often present. Perhaps as a way to give us an outlet, or maybe as a crutch. Who knows? for some of us, it may be something we need to help us make sense of the misery surrounding us at the moment.

Today, I want you to take a moment to dismiss those critics that seem to have much to say about your condition, but seldom keep their opinions to themselves to allow you time to process what is happening to you. Take a moment to calm yourself down; to breathe and embrace this suffering until you squeeze the pain out of it. Then, breathe again, and rest. That may seem dramatic, but it is your reality. Some of us do not get much time to process. Some of us are forced to let go of what we once held dear, and that is a painful process that deserves an outlet; It needs to be grieved, and released within a decent amount of time.

Disclaimer: Always use restrain, respect and responsibility. We should never harm ourselves or others using suffering as an excuse.

I went through a painful situation a few years back, and my dramatic moment took me to a place I never thought my grief would lead me. I cut my hair very short, and colored it blonde, and then I left for South Korea. I know, crazy! I just didn’t want to be myself anymore; I need it an outlet; an escape. But deep down I knew what I really needed was a time to be alone with my grief. That was a little drastic, right? I do have friends like family in South Korea, so I knew I would be safe. I do not regret going abroad to deal with my suffering (although the hair stuff was my inner drama queen getting the best of me.) However, that experience began the healing process in me for that specific situation.

Maybe you are being dramatic about your suffering right now, or maybe you are just being human…There comes a time when you will need to tell yourself “it is ok not to be ok,” to let it out, process what you need to process, and to take a break. Then, a time will also come when you will need to put the drama aside, and face your reality head on. From experience, I can tell you that at some point, you will find the strength to accept what cannot be changed, and the courage to move on.

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